Not meant to be pretty, just get the point across.

Business strategy as I’ve learned it through my business courses at both the BSBA level and MBA level are compromised of 2 larger categories: External industry environment and internal company core competencies.

External Analysis comprises of:

Natural/Environmental, Political/Legal, Economics, Sociocultural, Demographics, and Technological segments.

Natural/Environmental: are there any natural disaster concerns? What is the…

No new setups on any pairs today. I was looking at a setup on the E-Mini S&P 500 futures. I don’t have a futures trading account but, I like to follow the E-Mini and the Crude Oil futures to see if strategies work on those instruments.

E-Mini is on an uptrend after the inflation worries last week. I could look for a trade short to the missed daily pivot from today but, I’ll have to watch charts further.

Robot Results?

The robot took a trade on USDCAD and it also placed the second rollover trade. So we’ll see if it gets into trouble and I have to step in. The robot also took profits on another AUDUSD trade.

Had 2 setups today with the system. One on EURCHF and one on USDCHF.

I would rate this setup as a “B”. With 2 divergence lines on the chart, I felt more confident going long. …

Well no new setups today. For tomorrow, I’m looking for long trades on USDCHF and EURCHF.

Monday, I woke up excited to give my new robot a try. There weren’t that many setups in the morning. The only setup I saw was on EURCAD.


Unfortunately, this trade got stopped out. Could be because it’s a Monday. I believe that early in the week (Mon-Weds) some financial…

Today I will be explaining my trading plan in depth. First, I want to state the importance of the plan is to reduce the emotional decisions which cause mistakes.


  1. Follow the rules of the system.
  2. Weekly gains > 0.5%, Monthly gains > 1%, Yearly gains > 20%. These goals may…

The purpose of this series is to have a daily public log of my progress with my trades. Some people call this a trading journal or a trading report card (SMB Capital).

This is supposed to be less spreadsheet and more like ramblings or reflections. …

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I find myself nearing the end of college. I’m completing my MBA and I’ve realized something.

I’m not too sure what I want to do. But, there are a few things I am sure of. I’m sure that the type of people I work with must be those that are…

People say love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. But, that doesn’t mean you can play video games. At least that’s not what it used to mean. Thanks to and some support from Epic Games, company that made Fortnite, you can! …

This is ramblings from my head about the troubles and uncertainty of finishing college and relationships.

10:21pm 8 Aug. 2018

As I sit in my new apartment, Lo-Fi playing in the background, my surroundings rather bare. My picture frames lay, leaning against the wall in their intended spots. I find…

Hank Clark

Goofball, optimistic, and down-to-earth. I’m going to be a consistent, profitable trader by 2025. I like to talk soccer, gaming, business, fly fishing, golf.

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